I write stuff. Sometimes I act and perform stunts.

My books include DEAD BITCH ARMY, JESUS FREAKS, NECRO SEX MACHINE, HOLLOW-EYED MARY (Graphic Novel), SON OF A BITCH (Novella), co-authored with Wrath James White, and OUTER LIGHT (Online Comic), co-authored with Morgan Gendel.

I have contributed to several collections/anthologies including THE BOOK OF LISTS: HORROR, THE BIZARRO STARTER KIT, UNDEAD, and UNDEAD: FLESH FEAST.

In my other life I work as a Personal Trainer and a Kung Fu Instructor. I teach a Chinese/Vietnamese style called Spirit Fist Kung Fu. My martial arts background also includes Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Chinese Kempo, all of which I incorporate into my teaching.

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